Summer Wu

Student at Yale University

About Me

I'm a maker who is fascinated by technology; some of my side projects include playing around with VR/AR, building Messenger bots and Alexa skills, and attempting to mine cryptocurrencies. I dream big, explore widely, and enjoy meeting (and working with) people from a variety of backgrounds (feel free to drop me a line)! Ultimately, I hope to leave the world a better place than I found it. Check out my blog for updates!


Devpost- a portfolio containing most of my hackathon projects
Sharespot- the anonymous marketplace for files
Dropdot- a connect-the-dots game and puzzle creation tool
Habitar- personal web avatars for developing habits
uplYft- raising campus morale through surprise acts of kindness
Yale Intramurals- a redesign of the Yale Intramurals site

❯ Resume (pdf)